2010 – Thriller and Up

In 2010, I got very enthusiastic (even for me) and painted two themes (Thriller and Up).  For the first time, posters from former years were mounted on neighbour’s lawns up and down Heddington.

For the Thriller display, I decided to create a dance troupe of twelve “dummies” to dance with Michael Jackson in Thriller. We ran the video of Thriller on the driveway, and tons of kids who had never seen it stood transfixed as they watched Jackson’s brilliant performance for the first time.

In 2017, a very creative neighbour who had Up on their lawn had a bunch of helium filled balloons coming out of their actual chimney for Halloween.   I love it when something like that happens!

In 2010 I made and then my helpers and I mounted 300 hand crafted twinkly stars up and down the street (the number of stars has since expanded considerably to about 700).  The stars now often stay up over the street well past the New Year as they are so festive for the holidays!  In one year, I took the last of the stars down in May.  Every year during ‘star hospital’ it takes me about two months to repair old and to create/replenish the stock with new stars.