2012 – Pirates of the Caribbean

And then there was Johnny Depp. I have to admit that this is my favourite portrait to date. As well, I created out of paper mache a formidable sculpted head of “Hammerhead”, the pirate. I went online to buy a Davey Jones mask, added a 100 lb skull and crossbones pumpkin; and we had quite a display. This was the year of Hurricane Sandy. At first I thought I’d let the displays weather the storm but I took it all down when I realized that if a board got loose and hit a bystander; someone could get hurt.

It takes three days to get the display up, but I remounted it in one day with the help of all my neighbours after the storm passed; just in time for Halloween. The Star wrote about this misadventure – but it resulted in our having easily 600 kids visit – in the pouring rain.