2017 – Guardians of the Galaxy

Wow, how Heddington Halloween had grown! In 2017 Heddington Halloween (HH) spread northward all the way to the end of the street with 30 homes participating (in 2016 homes were involved). The fantastic business owners of the Eglinton Way Business Association partnered with me to create professional posters and SickKids donation boxes; as well as HH T-shirts and a bulk candy purchase to help my patient and swamped neighbours. With the involvement of the Eglinton Way Business Association, Heddington Halloween was a huge success in 2017. An estimated 1000+ kids (with their families) visited Heddington on Halloween from all over the city, and we were able to donate just under $8,000 to SickKids. We barricaded one block of traffic in 2017 and the kids loved it, trick or treating without any fear of traffic gave them such freedom and made Halloween even more joyful than usual.

As for my 2017 display, I revisited outer space with the Guardians of the Galaxy.  I completed a 7 x 4 foot portrait of Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star Lord; and paper mâché renditions of Groot, Baby Groot, Rocket and Yondu; all of whom appeared on our front lawn. Many, many guests dressed to theme – there were all manner of Groots; and I got myself green as Gamora.